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Trade Your Car for a Bike

July 15, 2010

The other day, I received an email from my good friend and fellow cyclist L., telling me that I needed to link to the Tour de Fat on my bike blog. L. now spends her days cycling through Munich but was previously calling Fort Collins her home, so she’s well versed in New Belgium Beer and the company’s bike friendly ways. While I’d heard of the Tour de Fat, L.’s email about their ‘trade your car for a bike‘ project came as news to me. Did you know that New Belgium is offering people a brand new all decked out commuter bike in exchange for the keys and titles to their cars?

I think it’s pretty awesome. Just imagine driving an old gas-guzzling clunker and being able to exchange it for a brand new all features included commuter bike. And apparently there is no shortage of interested parties, since you have to apply and be selected to benefit from this exchange. Now this is a company promo I can get behind.

Have you heard of similar projects or have you participated in a past Tour de Fat? I am not able to benefit from any on the 2010 schedule, but maybe there’s one coming to a city near you.

All this talk of bikes and beer makes me want to go crack open a cold one while I watch some of those application videos. Nice work, New Belgium, keep those bike events coming!

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  1. July 15, 2010 20:05

    I lived in Fort Collins for awhile, and New Belgium is very near and dear to my heart. Tour de Fat is one of the funnest events, and they are such an eco-conscious company that is truly building community. Plus, they’re really fun! I wish I had a car that I could offer up to trade in! :)

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