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Bike to Brunch

July 21, 2010

I’m very fortunate that both my husband and our roommate are very willing accomplices to my bike mania. The more I’ve opted to bike around town, the more they’ve chosen to forgo their cars for their bicycles. We’ve been attending an increasing number of social events by bike; biking to our friends’ house for dinner, to the bar for a drink; to campus; or to the lake on weekends.

I’m very grateful to them for their support and enthusiasm. They’re always willing models for my blog and wonderful co-cyclists on the road. This makes a huge difference since it would be much harder for me to take up cycling on a daily basis if it were constantly being met with resistance by my friends and family. Thanks, T. & L., you both rock!

How are the people in your life responding to your bike enthusiasm? Has your cycling encouraged others to join in on the fun or is it more of a solitary passion for you? Whatever the case, happy riding! S.

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  1. July 21, 2010 15:39

    While my wife usually doesn’t ride her bike to work, most of our trips together in the city are by bicycle – to the farmers’ market, the library, out to eat, etc. She’s willing to keep our now 3 bicycles in a separated corner of our living room, and is happy to put in some time and money to make our bicycles really feasible means of getting around for the things we need to do regularly. Plus she has a beautiful bicycle, and looks beautiful on it, so I have nothing to complain about whatsoever :)

    When we have guests, we always try to go out on a few trips together by bicycle – for instance, Trina’s little sister and a friend of hers are up staying with us for a week, and her sister brought her own bike up, and we’ve all been going out to eat our out to dessert or to get groceries or to the park by bike together, and they’ve been excited to get out on bikes more :)

    It’s fun, because when my dad was a kid, he lived very near where we do in Portland (we live about a 3 minute bike ride from his high school), and he got around by bicycle everywhere, so he’s both supportive and nostalgic about it :)

    So yeah, overall, a very positive reaction from the people we know, and that definitely does help the motivation to keep doing it!

    Biking to brunch is one of my favorites! Cheers!

    • July 22, 2010 13:59

      Dave, that’s wonderful! I should try talking visitors into using the bikes to get around, not quite there yet… S.

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