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Summer Games Prize: New Cycle Jacket

July 31, 2010
Sophia Harlot Jacket

Don’t you just love coming home to find a little box with your name on it waiting outside your front door? I love getting packages, especially when they contain an unexpected treat, like this awesome Harlot Sophia Jacket I won for participating in the LGRAB Summer Games.

Most of you have probably caught sight of the Let’s Go Ride a Bike Summer Games making their rounds on the bikey blogosphere. Dottie and Trisha’s Summer Games encouraged cyclists of all levels to participate in a number of bike related events promoting bike riding and general fitness and well being. And if those benefits weren’t reason enough to get people out the doors and unto their bikes, they even threw in a bunch of awesome prizes for us eager participants.

The bike gods smiled down on me and my name was pulled out of a hat as first runner up to the Games. I won some awesome prizes for my participation in all three rounds of the Games, one of them being this wonderful Sophia cycling jacket from Harlot Clothing Company (who’s motto is: ‘Ride bikes, be fabulous’ – yes, please!) When I came home yesterday to find the jacket wrapped in beautiful red tissue paper, awaiting my arrival and begging to be taken for a spin, I ignored the 90 F temperatures and slipped it right on for a test ride.

"Ride bikes, be fabulous"

I wish it were fall already so that I’d have a good excuse to wear this because I can tell I’m going to love this jacket; it’s soft and comfortable, it has longer sleeves so that your arms remain covered even when you’re leaning forward in a bike riding position, and it has a longer back portion to also keep you nice and covered while leaning forward when cycling.

Sophia Harlot Jacket

I also like that it looks like a casual fall jacket I would throw on with skinnies and flats and wear for a regular day out. I’m not a huge fan of athletic clothes that scream ‘I’m going to go work out now!’; rather, I enjoy clothing that functions and performs as specialty gear is intended to do without all the flashy logos and attention grabbing designs that I would shy away from in my everyday wardrobe.

Sophia Harlot Jacket

So thank you, Dottie and Trisha, for the awesome Summer Games and, thank you, Harlot Clothing Co. for the wonderful prize that I am sure to enjoy come cooler weather. And, if I heard correctly, it seems that there will be a Let’s Go Ride a Bike Winter Games this winter, so stay tuned for that!

If you’re curious, some of my favorite entries to the Summer Games were…

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and are getting a bike ride in as well! S.

*Note: Harlot Clothing Co. provided the prize for the Summer Games but they did not in any way sponsor or solicit this post. I just loved my new jacket and thought I’d review it for anyone interested.*

4 Comments leave one →
  1. August 2, 2010 00:52

    This is an excellent review. Now I want one of these jackets :) I really like how it has longer sleeves and back to keep everything covered while leaning over. And like you said, stylish enough to look good off the bike.

    I’m so glad that you won and that you like the prize.

  2. August 2, 2010 09:00

    Oh, that is a nice jacket indeed; love the colour!
    Congratulations on winning it!

  3. August 2, 2010 14:40

    I love that jacket! I might need to get one for myself. So glad you won it! You were such a good participant in the Summer Games. I’m already looking forward to the winter round!

  4. August 2, 2010 16:10

    Congratulations! I loved the challenges they set up, and the entire concept in general! And your new jacket looks great with your new bike! Enjoy!

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