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yellow bike diaries

November 17, 2010

Nothing makes me want to go for a ride in town more than getting a cheery new yellow bike. So that’s what I did this past weekend, despite it being 37F outside and warm and cozy inside. I bundled up and barely noticed the cold, especially once I was pedaling. I headed for our little downtown and enjoyed the calm of the day. The cold had driven many people indoors and I had the sidewalks and storefront windows to myself. I looked at the used books in stock, browsed the boots selection in the shoe store, eyed the sweets in the chocolaterie (yes, our town actually has a little chocolaterie), and took some pictures along the way.

I know that I sometimes complain about where I live, but that’s because I just really miss city life. But, really, as far as small towns go, this one isn’t all that bad. I need to remember that more often. For one, it has a beautiful nearby lake to which I biked a lot this past summer. It has a charming little downtown and the local university sits on a beautiful campus. And my husband and I got married on this campus, on a beautiful August day underneath the tall clock tower, which sounded ominously during our vows.

And perhaps it’s very fitting that it took a yellow bike – the color of sunshine and happiness – to remind me of this. After all, how bad can a town be that has a good used book store, a great bike shop, a pub, a thrift store, and a lovely coffee house all on the same strip?

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  1. November 17, 2010 03:46

    I’m somewhat jealous of your pretty little Bee, I must admit. I’ve been eyeballing an older Peugeot mixte here in Colorado on Craigslist for the last several weeks, but I think the owner wants a little more than I’m willing to spend on (yet another) bike. I literally just a few days ago was talking about really wanting a yellow bike too. There is something entirely cheery about them. One can’t help but feel happy seeing the color.

    Your pictures are beautiful as well, and it’s always nice to see others who are living in smaller areas getting out and enjoying whatever activities their own town/city has to offer. I had to smile at the “Fat Tire” sign too, because it’s a beer brewed not too far from home for me.

  2. November 17, 2010 05:18

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you make bike riding so romantic! I love these posts!

  3. November 17, 2010 18:01

    Man, this makes me crave heading down to the Pearl District in Portland to pop into Powell’s books and then go look at Anthropologie’s Christmas displays (it always smells so nice in there), and maybe pop into Sur la Table and see if there is any kitchen equipment we “need” :)

    Then come home, nestle down on the couch, and have some mulled wine, or apple cider.

    Glad you’re enjoying the Mixte! I would love a mixte re-setup with an internally geared hub, that sounds great (often they are originally built as 5-10 speed derailleur as yours was).


  4. November 17, 2010 18:07

    That Mixte is so beautiful and you inspire us to get out there and ride. Thanks S. But, now I want a Mixte too!

  5. November 17, 2010 18:46

    Just catching up on your blog through Google Reader (I love Reader), but I had to stop by to say CONGRATS on your lovely new bike! Your town seems lovely to me. I wish we had more of a “downtown” in my university town, though we do have a nice bike shop and lots of coffee houses :-)

    Happy riding on Bee!

  6. November 19, 2010 15:46

    These are my favorite kind of posts. Bee is just precious, and I love your small town adventures. These photos are pretty perfect, too!

  7. November 19, 2010 21:17

    As always, great photos and entry! I’m glad you are having fun with Bee! And what better time of year to think of all we can be grateful for? Enjoy your new set of wheels!


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