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white out

January 12, 2011

Snowy Campus

Snowy Campus

Snowy Campus

Snowy Campus

Like much of the Midwest, we’ve gotten a ton of snow lately. This week, white stuff has continued to fall and cover every possible surface. Campus looks beautiful and the town seems like it’s fallen under some kind of spell. . .everything looks cleaner, purer, more peaceful.

On the other hand, our roads look like this…

Snowy Street

Which means that cycling hasn’t been possible this week. At least, not for me. I started out on my bike last Sunday, got about one block from my house, then promptly turned around and took my car. I was going very slowly and was mostly worried about my return ride home when it would be dark and the visibility poor. Being pregnant makes me take less risks than I would have before, so I’m less likely to ride if I think I may loose my grip on the road and fall.

I am impressed with my one student, however, who has continued to ride his bike year round and even arrived to class by bike today. Go him. I am also pretty impressed with the Jimmy Johns delivery guys who continue to bring delicious bikes to people’s homes via two-wheeled transportation. Go Jimmy Johns.

And proof that some people are still cycling to campus… (no ‘abandoned bike‘ signs on these bikes).

Bikes on Campus

This one, however, has seen more active days…

Bikes on Campus

Me? I hope get back on my bike soon! I miss it already.

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  1. January 12, 2011 13:40

    The White Out arrived on the east coast as well! You certainly made a smart decision, playing it safe! Stay warm!

  2. January 12, 2011 15:00

    I know the feeling — that’s what the streets near me looked like this morning. Yesterday I ventured to work by bike but had to walk through some slushy & icy patches and ended up catching a ride home with a co-worker. As you said, what was manageable in the daytime is less so when it’s dark.

  3. Heidi permalink
    January 13, 2011 00:59

    Beautiful! I went to this campus for undergrad (I’ve mentioned that before on your blog! Hi!). And while it was COLD on days like these, it was always beautiful. This is one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever been on, in my opinion. So many beautiful buildings, the landscaping and tree/bush cover is just phenomenal, the many Christian Petersen sculptures around campus interesting and artistic, and the campanile always so picturesque. I just love it! :)

    • January 13, 2011 04:05

      Hi Heidi! Yes, I agree, the campus here is definitely beautiful! T. and I got married under the campanile and took our wedding pictures on campus and I always love walking or cycling through it and seeing all the great art everywhere.

      • Heidi permalink
        January 13, 2011 05:21

        Wow, I always fantasized about getting married under the campanile. Perfect place! I didn’t get married on campus, though, so it didn’t work out. But I bet it was a beautiful spot! I actually did meet my husband near Lake LaVerne, though! My favorite spots/buildings on campus are Alumni Hall (beautiful), the College of Design, the sculpture fountain in front of the Union, and the archways around Lagomarcino. We used to take day trips out to Ledges State Park when we needed to get out of town…you might like that as a day trip sometime. Thanks for the photos! I enjoyed seeing campus in the snow. So pretty!

  4. January 13, 2011 10:30

    Although you can’t go with the bike, this snowed landscape is so beautiful!


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