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more cycling mamas

February 17, 2011

{screen shot from here}

For your weekend reading pleasure, check out this article in The Guardian UK about cyclist Sam Haddard and her take on biking while pregnant. Thank you, A., for sending this my way!

By way of the various links in the above article, I stumbled upon this post on Cycle Chic, showcasing some of Copenhagen’s beautiful cycling mamas. I know that it’s far more common for women to continue cycling while pregnant in the many European countries that already have a solid biking culture established, but my hope would be to see less people in the US treat pregnant women like delicate objects unable to bike, run, walk, or engage in whatever physical activity keeps them fit and healthy.

I realize one concern that comes up with cycling while pregnant is that one might fall off the bike and harm oneself and the baby. While I’m not saying that this is not a possibility (falling is always a possibility, whether pregnant or not), I cannot say that I’ve felt more likely to fall now than I had before. Perhaps my sense of equilibrium will change as I get bigger, but for now, I feel just like myself on a bike. In fact, I feel more like my old self because the bike supports my extra weight and my legs do the work.

And I love the feeling of riding with the sun on my face and the thought that baby can feel the endorphins flowing through my body and making me very happy. ♥

{image source: Copenhagen Cycle Chic}

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  1. February 18, 2011 08:34

    Lovely, inspiring pictures and articles. Thanks for sharing!

    And just do the things you are comfortable with. Thát’s your way to go!

  2. February 20, 2011 21:34

    Hi! I wanted to ask you if a front hub axle (I think that what its called? can be replaced on a 1960’s Raleigh Sprite? I think mine is ruined. Also, would one of those quick release axles work on my wheel or do I have to replace the whole wheel? Thanks!

  3. March 3, 2011 16:22

    My wife and I went on a 4 or 5 day bicycle touring trip in Canada when she was 8 months pregnant a few years ago. We were wondering initially if we should, but in hindsight it was a great idea. We didn’t push the distance too much and the fresh air and exercize were likely good for mom and baby.


  1. happy one year to simply bike! « Simply Bike

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