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over the weekend…

April 12, 2011
pre-wedding pizza wedding munchies

Over the weekend, T. and I enjoyed a different kind of date – no bike date, just a regular ol’ trip out of town to attend the wedding of a friend. We were in Columbus, Ohio and we spent some of the down time between the ceremony and the reception scoping out German Village. Lots of cute homes and cobble stone streets and lovely neighborhoods that are surely a lot of fun to ride through. Do you live in Columbus? What’s the bike scene like?

And yes… I vaguely remember what it’s like to enjoy a cold glass of beer on a warm afternoon…

beer and such...

german village, columbus

stained glass

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  1. April 12, 2011 15:10

    Hey, that’s my town!

    The bike scene here is decent but always improving. We don’t have many bike lanes yet, but a decent amount of “sharrows” painted on the street. It’s sort of a symbolic measure, but baby steps..

  2. Elisabeth permalink
    April 12, 2011 20:02

    I grew up in south-western Ohio, so it’s fun to hear of your adventures! It all looks (and sounds) so familiar! Your trip to the German Village reminds me of another place called Germantown. It has the most beautiful old houses on picturesque midwestern streets… So pretty!

  3. April 13, 2011 07:51

    I’ve been to Cleveland, Ohio and to the Amish Country close by. It seems the Amish people have awesome bikes.

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