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let’s go on a picnic: bike date in wisconsin

April 28, 2011

This week’s bike date submission comes from reader P. and his wife B. He wrote to me saying that he and his wife love going on picnic dates together and taking advantage of the nearby trails in his town. I love these bucolic pictures P. had to share and am feeling very inspired to hit the trails with a picnic blanket and some goodies myself after seeing there. I hope they inspire you as well! Here’s a look at what a typical picnic bike date for B. and P. entails…

Hello. I am “P” and my wife is “B”. We are from Wisconsin and enjoy picnicking via bicycle. The following photos are a collection from two different bicycle picnics we have taken.

We love to take a lazy afternoon and load up my bike with all the picnic supplies we will need.

Bike date in Wisconsin

There are almost 100 miles of trails in my area, so we pick one and start riding.

Bike date in Wisconsin

We enjoy the sun shining, the wind in our faces, and some beautiful scenery on our rides…
Bike date in Wisconsin
Bike date in Wisconsin
Bike date in Wisconsin Bike date in Wisconsin
Bike date in Wisconsin

… which compared to what Wisconsin looks like at other times of the year…

… is SOOO wonderful.

We ride until we find a suitable spot. Then, we park the bikes, lay out the blanket and bust out the goodies.

Bike date in Wisconsin

Bike date in Wisconsin

Bike date in Wisconsin

Bike date in Wisconsin

After our bellies are full we enjoy an after picnic snuggle. Nothing like sharing a bike ride, some incredible scenery, awesome wine and food and beautiful weather with the one you love. Sometimes we will even have company for our little adventure.

Bike date in Wisconsin Bike date in Wisconsin

All too soon, it’s time to pack up and head home. The picnic may be over, but there is still one more bike ride ahead. Also, we always have next weekend.

Bike date in Wisconsin

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  1. April 28, 2011 11:53

    wow what amazing scenery! i am super jealous! it is hard to find a rural place to ride your bike…you have to go up to mt. tam or mt diablo to get that and it is a steep climb..haven’t done that yet as i don’t have the gears but soon i will! picnic bike ride dates are the best! so relaxing and theirs looks perfect!


  2. April 28, 2011 16:39

    Beautiful scenery and great way to spend one on one time.

  3. April 29, 2011 00:54

    Awwww… so nice.

  4. Chuck permalink
    April 29, 2011 11:04

    Looks like the Elroy Sparta Trail. The one that started the whole rails to trails movement in the US. Sure is nice to see the photos. I bet they are a great way to think back on a fun date. I noticed cheese as part of your picnic but if it were a true Wisconsin one it would include cheese and BEER. ;^)

    • April 29, 2011 14:49

      Yes, I’m all about Beer! But that bottle of wine with the baguette and cheese and grapes looked pretty good to me too!

      But then again, after 6 months of pregnancy induced sobriety…it all looks good to me ;)


  5. Pat permalink
    April 29, 2011 17:08

    Chuck. You are correct. A few of the photos are on the Elroy Sparta trail. The tunnel, is tunnel 3 which is almost 3/4 of a mile in length. When they were building the tunnel, they hit an underground spring. The spring however, goes OVER the tunnel so as you are walking thru, you get rained on. Very cool and refreshing on what was a brutally hot day.

    Oh. And for the record, we stopped for beer cheese soup on the way home. ;-)

  6. April 30, 2011 23:00

    The scenery is so peaceful looking, it looks like you both really know how to enjoy cycling and life!

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