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julie and matt: doomsday bike date (in nyc)

May 23, 2011

DoomsDate - Dooms Day Bike Date

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program for a special edition of the Bike Date Series. What were you doing on Rapture Day this past Saturday? Julie and Matt decided that there is ‘no time like the present’ to schedule a bike date when doomsday is coming. And as Julie so aptly notes, bikes are the best mode of transport during an apocalypse, so hop on and pedal away!

Julie bikes New York on non-apocalypse days as well and you can follow all of her bike adventures and (stylish) commutes on The Julie Blog.

New York City has been the epicenter for May 21st as doomsday fanatics getting out their message. My husband and I had a weekend all to ourselves, so I decided it would be a perfect time to have a fantastical, self-indulgent date night for just the two of us- just in case!

If it really was the apocalypse, I knew bicycles would be the smartest mode of transportation around the city (though they already are in my opinion.)

I got a tip about a restaurant in our neighborhood from the Lady Gaga sale on Gilt. Dorrian’s Red Hand has a reputation for great burgers, and what else would make a better last meal than a fat, juicy burger?


The weather was great all day, but it began to pour while we were ordering in the restaurant. Thankfully, we ordered a pitcher, burgers, and took our time catching up on some gossip. My husband is a fun gossip companion!

Our bikes got drenched in the downpour. I carry a bandana in rainy times whether I’m on bike or foot, simply to keep my hands dry.


Matt, who was wearing one of his vintage skinny ties, also discussed the importance of tucking-in your necktie while you ride on your bicycle. And here he is crossing through a deserted Central Park right after the rain.


We got to the Upper West Side and as we were getting on the West Side Greenway I noticed this statue of Elanor Roosevelt and needed to be photographed near her… in my Rapture-Red dress!


This is basically our route from our neighborhood on the Upper East Side, down to our next stop- The Duane Park supper club in TriBeCa. (About 7.5mi each way.)

Dorrian's Red Hand to Duane Park Supper Club IMGP5769

It’s great to have the West Side Greenway. It’s like a bike superhighway and it’s really nice and comfortable to ride on it instead of the streets.

I’m a hopelessly devoted fan of The World’s Most Famous Drag King Murray Hill, so we went to check out his current show at Duane Park.

Mister Showbiz - Murray Hill

There were sexy singers and fancy burlesque performers. Murray often introduces Dita Von Teese, and has appeared on Bored to Death.

Duane Park was fancy, intimate and small and I always love whatever entertainment Murray Hill is hosting. I’m also very flattered that I get a little love and affection from him!

I’m cheesing so hard! I swear I’m not drunk! But I did have 2 fancy cocktails there – A Pom Pom and something with vanilla vodka and a mini-marshmallow garnish! LadyDrinks for a LadyBiker!

I love biking in this cape; it’s not only very fun to wear, but I think it’s great for bike visibility!

My fav. bike cape

I just think this is a funny picture of us. We were relieved to get out of traffic, as we were near the Holland Tunnel, it was a little nerve-wracking! And this is our final pic of the night’s festivities…

IMGP5802 The End - DoomDay Bike Date!
We were happy to be back on the greenway.The rapture didn’t get us after all, but bike-date fever is running through my veins!
6 Comments leave one →
  1. May 23, 2011 11:41

    Instead of tucking my tie in, I just use a tie tack and/or wear a vest over it :)'s off to work we go

    We were out at our friends’ 2-year-old daughter’s birthday party, so it would have been really sad if the world ended.

    Thankfully, we seem to have made it through without any problems :)

  2. May 23, 2011 12:44

    they are so cute! and her cape! i love riding in my cape! so much fun and i feel very british too! hehe! i really wished when we went to ny the last two times that we brought our bikes! i would have loved to ride around central park! what a great park!


  3. May 23, 2011 16:00

    I thought Julie looked a bit like a super hero in her dress and boots, and when I began to read about the cape – well that cinched the deal!

  4. May 23, 2011 22:30

    Oh, I have often thought of using my bike to get away during the end times. I just have trouble deciding which one I would take!


  5. May 24, 2011 23:26

    I enjoyed this fun couple’s story and their beautiful photos. A bike ride and a juicy burger is a brilliant way to celebrate. :)

  6. May 28, 2011 20:38

    How cool, Me and my husband did the same! We live in the Bronx, and usually go to the city for a little change of scenery. But upon getting a nyc biking map, I find that we have a waterfront park with a greenway only 1 and a half miles away! It was a great way to wait for our impending doom, and I am happy to see we weren’t the only ones!

    heres to love of bikes and love of togetherness <3
    cheers to you all

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