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Hi, and welcome to Simply Bike. I’m S. and I’m currently blogging from the Midwest, where I live with my husband, our cat and dog, a plethora of bikes, and our baby on the way.

This site is a collection of thoughts on leading a healthy and sustainable life with a good dose of bike advocacy thrown in. I believe in people-powered transport and I bike commute for the majority of my trips on an almost daily basis. I started bike commuting regularly in June 2010 and have continued to ride year round, winter notwithstanding. Simply Bike is where I document those adventures on two wheels.

I’m currently cycling for two and running for two, and loving (almost) every moment of it. I also enjoy traveling, taking many pictures, learning to bake bread, planning for the arrival of our little one, and writing my dissertation.

This site might be of interest of you if you’re curious about cycling for transportation, vintage bikes, running, staying fit during pregnancy, life in the Midwest, and sustainability in general. (Just scroll through the categories on the right).

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment! I love to know who’s out there and reading and appreciate any thoughts or feedback.

♥ S.

New here?

If you’re new here and are looking for basic information on getting started on a bike, check out my Bike 101 section, where I’ve written about finding the right size bike, finding a bike community, learning about vintage bikes, cycling in my work clothes (part I and part II), cycling in the rain (part I and part II), and strategies for when you forgot your bike lock, among other noteworthy posts. And lest you say I didn’t warn you: my post on how cycling is a gateway drug. And be sure to read the comments on those posts for excellent advice and information from other commuter cyclists and bike enthusiasts as well. Enjoy!

For all my how-to posts, whether on cycling, gardening, or any other topic, see here.