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Bike Dates

I love bike dates. Here are my {five simple steps to a perfect bike date}:

Bike with someone you love

Step 1: Grab someone you love and ask them on a date.This is not limited to romantic interests, go ahead and ask your best friend, your sister, your aunt, or anyone you simply enjoy spending time with.

Bike date in Munich

Step 2: Make sure you each have a bike. Borrow a bike if you must. Rent one if you’re away from home and exploring a new city.

Bike Ride in Colorado

Step 3: Pack a lunch or picnic. These make for the best bike dates.

Fall Bike Ride to Pick Apples

Step 4: Choose a route. Be it on a remote trail, through your favorite city neighborhoods, along bike paths in a city, or simply the way to your favorite park, beer garden, or movie theater. Ride along side each other when safe, and share stories of your day or weekend. Stop and take pictures along the way, even if it’s just of grazing cows.

prague 118 prague 150

Step 5: Arrive at your destination. Bonus points if your destination includes a beer garden or outdoor seating where you can chat, people watch, and enjoy a refreshing drink. No beer gardens where you live? A park will do. Throw down a blanket, pull out your packed picnic goodies, and relax.

Englischer Garten, Munich Englischer Garten, Munich

Bikes in Englisher Garten

Picnic in Englischer Garten

(Bonus Step 6: Repeat as often as possible!) ♥